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Rhuk Solarflare, Jooorange and MadeYourWeb for Joomla 2.5

Last time I migrated some really antique Joomla1.0 websites to Joomla2.5. By this way I updated the Joomla1.0 templates of this installations, because customers won't change it. I will give this updates to the Joomla community. Please realize that I didn't improved the templates and they should not be used to build new websites. But I think it will be helpful if you have to upgrade an old Joomla1.0 installation without new template. You can download the template package here.

It includes 3 templates:

  • Jooorange by John Grabenmeier
  • MadeYourWeb by Marc Hinse
  • Solarflare by Rhuk

Please understand that I don't support this templates.

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