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Magic Slider Fullscreen vertical slideshow

This Extension allows to display a fullscreen vertical image slideshow with jQuery. The size of the images are not static. The images adjust dynamically to the screen. The slideshow contains a thumbnail flip and for each image you can add a title and a description in different styles and sizes. You can navigate the slideshow by mousewheel, up and down keys or by clicking on arrows or you can use play and stop buttons for autoslide.
In the backend you can select up to 20 images. You can choose different google- and standard fonts and sizes. You can deactivate the thumbnail flip and pattern overlay and you can activate auto sliding. In the bottom of the slidehow you can set copyright or adress informations and some menu-items. The close-button reload your main url or can fix to an individual defined url.
This slideshow will be installed as a template file, but it's not a template. It use only the possibility to set up different styles by using more than one template file.

For more informations take a look to the MANUAL

Many thanks to MARY LOU / TYMPANUS.NET who created this awesome slideshow script.

Webberry templates that includes Flexxi Gallery: DREAMSTAR | CAMARO

New in version 3.0.0

  • New overlay pattern
  • Unlimited Google fonts
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x


Ali Ali
2016-10-11 07:46
Hello everyone, I am not able to download the slider extension, I am getting the 404 error, any help, thanks much Ali
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Axel Axel
2016-10-11 07:59
Try again please. It should work now.
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Milena Milena
2015-04-29 08:01
Good morning , I'm using Magic Sliders on my site , it's fine , I have a small problem on the image display does not display them . The sized 250 x 180 px , but does not see them , as if the path is wrong .
Can you tell me how?
This is the link to see the site , thanks !
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Axel Axel
2015-04-29 14:42

I can’t find any magic slider under this link.
But I think the problem will be that you installed the slider in a folder „brecos“ and not in the root folder.
Put it in the root folder will fix it. Think about that magic slider is a fullscreen slider. 250px x 180px will
be to small. Minimum size should be 800px width.

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