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Shows images from a flickr account (public feed or group feed) as gallery or slideshow. This module works by pulling a JSON feed from Flickr and applying the data it gets back to a responsive slideshow or gallery width lightbox function.

Flickrberry Galllery

Flickrberry Slideshow


After installing by the extensions manager go to "Extensions -> Modules -> Flickrberry".

General settings

settings flickrberry

Public or group fees
Select if you want to display pictures from a public or a group feed.
Flickr Id
Set the flickr Id. To get it, copy the according flickr Url and go to and paste the Url into the searchfield.
Select if you want to display the pictures as gallery or slideshow.
To display a description above the images.
Description style
Display the description as paragraph or headline.
Show image title
Display image titles at the bottom of the lightbox or slideshow.
Image limit
Howmany pictures you like to display. It's limited to 20.
Image padding
Distance between Picture and border if set.
Image border
Set border width 0 to 6 pixel
Border color
Set border color as Hexadecimal.
Include jQuery
Set only yes, if jQuery is not included outside this module. This will hide to load jQuery multiple.

Only gallery settings

settings flickrberry

Thumb width
Set width of the gallery thumbs. Maximum is 100px.
Border radius
Set a border radius.
Image margin
Set distance between gallery thumbs.
Link / Lightbox
Select between linking the thumbs to Flickr, Fancy lightbox and Widgetkit lightbox. To use Widgetkit lightbox, you have to install Widgetkit component by Yootheme

Only slideshow settings

settings flickrberry

Image size
Select which size should be load from Flickr. This should depend of the minimum size you need for your slideshow dimensions.
Slideshow max width (px)
If you like to define the maximum slideshow width in pixel use this input field.
Slideshow max width (%)
If you like to define the maximum slideshow width in percent use this input field.
Navigation settings
The following settings are self-explanatory. If not? Test it.
Autoplay interval
This setting are self-explanatory.

Many thanks to JOEL SUTHERLAND / NEWMEDIACAMPAIGNS.COM/ for the flickr feed plugin script.


Peter Johnson Peter Johnson
2015-01-16 23:22
Hi Joel,
I have just installed Flickrberry. It looks very good. However I can't seem to get it to work. Only the header shows, no images. Is it compatible with Joomla 3.3.6?
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Axel Axel
2015-01-17 08:29
Hi Peter,

Please send me a link to check what happens to: .
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